Honest points: Saturday 6th August Time: 6 -- 11pm Location - Ace Confront, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London Postcode - NW10 7UD A collection of JDM and UKDM Honda's VW's, Audi's and extra at London's most brilliant edge cafe. Ace Cafe was the host for the latest Honda Culture & Friends meet. The day ongoing out looking dry and astute and SMS were small round in this area who was meeting who and at what time. As I was cleaning the car it ongoing raining in London, fortunately the drizzle voted for promptly and I was able to close up and set off for the meet including a glassy car. Here were a skin condition of drizzle on the way finished but as quickly as 5pm hit the sun came out and the cars ongoing rolling in. Here was an awe-inspiring range of cars including the intention of turned up from the German and Japanese marque. In view of the fact including the intention of the last video i'd bought a couple of new toys for the dslr and they really helped including the filming. Fingers crossed the videos will get better as I get extra used to filming including a Dslr and my range of equipment grows.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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