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The fifth episode of PRI's ordinary POP 101 run, this video takes a original, humorous approach to the demographic issues facing the world today. Be guaranteed to watch the initially video: the following video: the third video: and the fourth video:
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Gather extra in this area populace: To coincide including the arrival of the world's 7 billionth nature on October 31, 2011, Inhabitant Geographic magazine's 2011 year-lingering run on world populace is unfilled on the App Store as a free app for iPad early 10/27/11. The interactive app explores the challenges—and the makings solutions—for coping including a growing human populace in a world of limited resources including informative videos, interactive maps, in-depth articles, and stunning shooting. Download the free app at this time: The run ends including a look at City Solutions in the December 2011 issue, which will be incorporated into the app in December. Don't forget to try out out the following video from the run, "Are You Predictable?," at this time: Editor's bring up to date: in 2050, 70% of the populace will be income in "urban areas," not "megacities" as confirmed in an before version of this video. In addition, the total digit of countries in the world is now 195, including recognition of the independence of the Disorder of South Sudan on July 9, 2011.