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Germany is the latest broadcast to reject calls for a boycott of Euro 2012 this June in the Ukraine. Yet again sport and politics are colliding -- only last week tensions were high finished the choice to continue including the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain as its broadcast protested finished human civil rights abuses. For satiated crash and extra videos see

---UPADTE-- WOW 300000+ views!!! Incredible! This is the initially version of this video to hit the internet so thankfulness for all including the intention of viewed it... Just because the Euro 2012 is finished, doesn't norm we cant subdue watch this guy or share him including friends/family 🙂 --- This is the most brilliant thing I be inflicted including seen so far all owing to the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine. The match this was showed all owing to was the Ukraine vs France match. Live in ITV Watch Part 2 to the Dancing Ukraine Fans at this time -

Turkey v Ukraine Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 Caner Erkin slid family the opener for Turkey on the semi hour, and the Turks doubled their principal in the 70th owing to Mustafa Pektemek after Nuri Sahin had torn the Euro 2012 hosts wide open including a wonderful go quietly away owing to midfield.

Absolutely MENTAL scenes from Donetsk! Note: The periodic blue flashes on the screen are as lightning caused the ITV feed to drop signal.
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Ukraine has a flourishing prostitution diligence, and the already high digit of women on the tail for clients is probable to spike flush additional this month as hundreds of thousands of football fans converge on the broadcast. (June 8) Download AP Mobile: Associated Get behind on Facebook: Associated Get behind on Twitter: Associated Get behind on Google+:
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Ukraine sports newscaster Savik Shuster says fruitfully co-hosting Euro 2012 brought Ukraine closer to Europe. For extra CNN videos, try out out our YouTube channel at Or stay our locate at
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Crash into racism and the increasing facts of far-aptly supporters and white-potential movements at the Euro 2012 being detained in Poland and Ukraine.
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