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60 Minutes Outline: This class provides students including a vital understanding of equipment and systems caught up including maintaining a website. Essentials: Not any This class discussion in this area: The Alteration Between the Internet and World Wide Web DNS Web Servers HTML Scripting Languages Databases Web Browsers Web Point Tools Class Clarification: Initiation Web point is not hard, but it takes extra bring about than many broadcast grasp. The Basics The Internet is a comprehensive logic for communication The World Wide Web is all of the web pages including the intention of reside on the Internet A Web Browser is used to view web pages W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, makes values for web browsers including the intention of programmers many era do not follow. HTTP is the protocol used to transmit web pages FTP is the protocol used to transfer records SMTP is the protocol used to hurl hurl by e-e-mail DNS All computer demand IP Addresses DNS Servers caution web browsers the IP Take up for the website the user is tiresome to view. Computers be including you IP Addresses, not Domain Names Web Servers Apache is for any Ma?tre d'h?tel IIS is for Windows Servers For Hosted Linux Capitalization is VERY vital HTML Is a human legible foreign language You can use Pad to enter HTML web pages Scripting Languages Are used to make Dynamic Web Pages PHP, ASP, CGI Scripts are Scripting Languages Your Ma?tre d'h?tel should help a scripting foreign language for it to bring about. Databases MySQL is the most common list used for websites Databases are used to store figures Are used to make ...
Video Rating: 5 / 5 This tutorial offers initiation to Oracle List Handing out (Oracle DBA).
Video Rating: 4 / 5