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A look at how the Philippines handles a growing populace.
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Including a skilled thought but small cash, the Philippines' tourism department be inflicted including turned to social media to attract visitors, as CNN's Kyung Lah intelligence.

Tourism Vancouver's new destination coat uses multiple platforms to hurl its thought -- and it's disparate any promotional cut of its sort. Incorporating a community band and original song, "It's You... Vancouver" is the world's initially water supply bent destination coat in composition video format. The song is performed by Watasun, a Vancouver-based duo whose composition fuses urban beats including traditional folk sounds. One-time buskers on Vancouver's Granville Road, singer/songwriter Adam Bailie and percussionist Reid Hendry now confirmation, produce and sell their own albums, taking inspiration from the city's diversity, life and unity. Throughout the three-minute video, the duo go their catchy refrain even as building appearances in, effectively or atop of iconic Vancouver attractions, including the Vancouver Caucus Centre roof, an Aquabus ferry and snow-roofed Grouse Mountain.