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San Franciscans passing owing to Justin Herman Plaza May 17th got a huge bolt from the blue! Overnight, Tourism British Columbia flipped the thrash on the BC Moments Machine -- a one of a sort, 14-bottom tall, 10-bottom wide vending machine. Forget pop and chips though -- the BC Moments Machine offered items be fond of mountain bikes, kayaks and owing to in BC surfboards. The BC Moments Machine will be in San Francisco until May 19 and is part of the '100 BC Moments' Battle cheering travellers to experience what BC has to place forward this summer. For extra BC Moments Machine footage, try out out To explore other BC Moments and to enter to win a 000 BC trip, stay
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A tourist has captured approximately rare and startling video of an iceberg tipping finished. The tourist was traveling on a boat effectively the Upsala Glacier in Argentina and trapped the unexpected following. Prose on YouTube below the name "osibaruch," the tourist says: "Even as we were passing by it including a catamaran, the enormous berg at sea a part of itself (look at the aptly feature sinking) and at that time flipped finished including a enormous roar. In the administer of melting this happens all the time, but it is seldom including the intention of it is captured on video WHEN it happens..." The Upsala Glacier has been melting for a digit of being and is often cited as verify of comprehensive climate chat. The BBC intelligence including the intention of the glacier, approximately time ago the largest in South America, has been retreating at a rate of in this area 600 feet a year. Approximately scientists say the melting is a result of other factors and is not connected to climate chat. The tourist formerly captured the video in Development but initially posted it online this week.